Cyberland Products

Cyberland Solutions provides a comprehensive suite of advanced cybersecurity and IT solutions including firewalls, threat protection, cloud security, identity management, ransomware defense, and regulatory compliance tools. With cutting-edge products and expert guidance, Cyberland enables organizations to securely leverage IT systems, defend against cyber threats, and meet compliance standards.

Sophos offers advanced cybersecurity solutions for businesses, including Intercept X, an innovative endpoint protection system that uses artificial intelligence to block malware and ransomware. Sophos also provides Next-Generation Firewalls that integrate cloud-based threat intelligence to identify and stop cyberattacks before they impact your network.


JumpCloud offers a cloud directory platform to manage and secure user identities and devices. Its core Directory product enables centralized user management, SSO, and access controls. JumpCloud Commands allows IT teams to automate routine tasks. Together these products provide a unified approach to identity and device management across an organization.

Nextron Systems is the global leader in compromise assessment software for cybersecurity. Its products THOR, ASGARD, and VALHALLA use advanced detection patterns to automate forensic analysis and identify threats across major operating systems. Nextron has a global presence and serves a wide range of organizations including large enterprises, government agencies, and NGOs.

Icinga is an open source monitoring tool that checks availability and performance of IT infrastructure. It notifies on issues to prevent outages. Icinga provides robust monitoring with customizable dashboards, reporting and automation tools. It flexibly monitors infrastructure from small businesses to enterprises to help sysadmins proactively ensure critical systems run smoothly.